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Two ways to create a mini retreat at home

In the whirlwind of daily life, finding time for ourselves often takes a backseat. However, embracing moments of calm and self-care doesn’t need to be complicated. With just a couple of simple activities you can discover the joy of a mini retreat at home.

Take a Long Luxurious Bath

A warm bath can work wonders for your mind and body. Turn your bathroom into a sanctuary by dimming the lights, lighting some candles, and adding a few drops of essential oils to the water. The soothing combination of warm water and calming scents can help you unwind and release tension.

Tips for the Perfect Bath:

· Add Epsom salts for muscle relaxation.

· Bring a book or play your favourite calming music.

· Prepare warm fluffy towels for when you get out of the bath.

Treat Your Body with Real Whole Foods

Nourishing your body with wholesome foods is a fundamental aspect of self-care. Opt for fresh, unprocessed ingredients that not only satisfy your taste buds but also contribute to your overall well-being. Consider creating a simple yet nutritious meal, turning the act of eating it into a mindful and enjoyable experience.

How to Make a Nutrient Rich Meal:

· Incorporate some homemade veg-based juices.

· Use real-foods, not ones that come with an ingredients list.

· Choose whole grains to provide sustained energy throughout the day.

Ready for a full retreat experience at home?

Delve deeper into the art of self-care with my free e-book, Create Your Own Retreat Without Leaving Home. In the book you will find 7 steps to the perfect at-home spa day, by doing all 7 you will be recreating the spa experience and making sure all the senses are engaged just like when you go the spa.

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